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BaltMet Inno WP 3 "Cluster Development" final event conference

On November 13th BaltMet Inno WP 3 "Cluster Development" conference "Transnational Cluster Alliances - Connecting Neighbours in the Baltic Sea Region" hosted by TSB Innovationsagentur Berlin GmbH in cooperation with WISTA MANAGEMENT GMBH took place in Berlin

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Balt Met Inno seminar in the framework of Open Days in Brussels on 9th October 2007.

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Seminar at Open Days in Brussels on 9 October 2007

In collaboration with the Baltic Sea Group, BaltMet Inno will arrange the seminar "Boosting Innovation through Metropolitan Partnership".

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BaltMet Inno Workshops in St. Petersburg, 13-15 June 2007

From 13 - 15 June, the City of St. Petersburg hosted a number of BaltMet Inno workshops and BaltMet network meetings.

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International Conference "Place Marketing in Metropolitan Regions" Riga, April 4-5, 2007

International conference introducing to the best cases and global trends in place marketing continued by workshop on collaboration possibilities in innovation based city marketing on the second day took place on 4th and 5th of April in Riga.

Over the past decade geopolitics has taken over much from commercial business traditions. Economic globalisation has added new substance to international competition between locations. Regions, states and cities actively market themselves and promote their brands for variety of reasons - to attract foreign investment, catch tourist interest, encourage entrepreneurship, entice and retain the brightest talents, etc. The Baltic Sea Region is among the most dynamic and competitive locations of the world. It is characterised by concentration of economics in capital areas and the largest cities or the metropolises.

The international conference introduced to the best cases and global trends in place marketing was opened by Mr Almers Ludviks, Deputy Mayor of Riga.  

Among the speakers of the conference first session were:

  • Dr. Inga Vilka, Director of Municipal Consultancy Centre (Latvia). Dr. Vilka introduced the audience with main goals of the project „Baltic Metropoles Innovation Strategy” (BaltMet Inno). She mentioned main principles of place marketing and presented the process how innovation based marketing strategies for Riga and Tallinn had been developed.  
  • Dr. Alexander Pankrukhin, Russian Academy of Public Administration under the President of Russian Federation (Russia).  Dr. Pankruhin presented latest trends, changes and concepts of city marketing in Russia using several examples of city images from St. Peterburg, Moscow, and Sochi. He admitted that city’s features (monuments, museums etc.) and internet marketing is very essential for place marketing nowadays.
  • Prof. Vsevolod Kachan, University of Latvia, The Baltic International Academy (Latvia). Prof. Kachan discussed the images of city and region as factors of promotion of the small and average enterprises. As an example he used Riga city in the context of world experience. 

Second session was opened by:

  • Mr Simon Anholt, Government Advisor, Earthspeak (UK). Mr Anholt as a world’s leading specialist in place branding presented the key issues of competitive identity for the new brand management for cities, nations and regions.
  • Mrs Baiba Rubesa, Director "Statoil Latvia" (Latvia). Mrs Baiba Rubess introduced the audience with city marketing and the Baltic Sea Region branding issues from the perspective of business-people. She highlighted the main aspects of successful branding and mentioned the most famous brands in the world. 
  • Mr Rijk van Ark, Director of Communications City of Amsterdam (The Netherlands). Mr Rijk van Ark presented case study about marketing strategy for City of Amsterdam. This capital had already developed successful marketing strategy which is based on the main strengths of Amsterdam - creativity, innovation and spirit of commerce. Mr Rijk van Ark shared information about learned lessons during the process of formation the marketing strategy of Amsterdam.

The conference, question and answer sessions were moderated by Dr. Evita Lune, Country Manager of Pedersen & Partners in Latvia.

On the second day of conference workshop on collaboration possibilities in innovation based city marketing took place. The workshop was led by Dr. Seppo Rainisto, Meritleader (Finland) who opened workshop with presentaion of success factors in marketing for Baltic Sea Region metropoles. Within the scope of collaboration possibilities Mr.Juha Pokela presented idea for joint Nordic/Baltic Region Pavilion in EXPO REAL 2007.