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BaltMet Inno WP 3 "Cluster Development" final event conference

On November 13th BaltMet Inno WP 3 "Cluster Development" conference "Transnational Cluster Alliances - Connecting Neighbours in the Baltic Sea Region" hosted by TSB Innovationsagentur Berlin GmbH in cooperation with WISTA MANAGEMENT GMBH took place in Berlin

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Balt Met Inno seminar in the framework of Open Days in Brussels on 9th October 2007.

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Seminar at Open Days in Brussels on 9 October 2007

In collaboration with the Baltic Sea Group, BaltMet Inno will arrange the seminar "Boosting Innovation through Metropolitan Partnership".

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BaltMet Inno Workshops in St. Petersburg, 13-15 June 2007

From 13 - 15 June, the City of St. Petersburg hosted a number of BaltMet Inno workshops and BaltMet network meetings.

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Marketing Strategies

Activities within this work package were started later than planned before, because of the delay in handling the legal aspects of project implementation. Division of work was planned as follows:

Milestone 1 (Start - June 2005) 

Information about successful marketing strategies of network metropolises is gathered and entered into the project database. WP co-coordinator is responsible for creating the data gathering framework. Each city partner is responsible for entering all the relevant organizations and persons of marketing agencies in the metropolitan areas into the project database. The existing marketing strategies of the metropolises are to be elaborated by external experts based on the best existing practices in the project network. WP co-coordinator is responsible for that and the dissemination of the results of the analyses amongst the participating metropolises.

Milestone 2 (July - December 2005)

Based on the comparative analyses the WP co-coordinator is responsible for developing a mechanism or procedure for marketing strategy of the metropolises. The mechanism prototype is developed and examined for the City of Riga. A local marketing council is established for these purposes in Riga with participation of representatives of the municipality, state and private sector. The WP co-coordinator organizes 4 workshops for the marketing council and field visits to Helsinki, Stockholm, Copenhagen and Oslo.

Milestone 3 (January - June 2006)

The created mechanism for fostering community building for city marketing purposes and for implementing metropolis' marketing strategy is applied in another city (possibly in Tallinn). Establishment of the local marketing council by the city. Local analyses are carried out in existing situation based on the piloted concept and mechanism. Two workshops for the local marketing council is organized by the city.

Milestone 4 (July - December 2006)

The city of Tallinn develops its own marketing strategy by piloting the created concept and mechanism. The results of the pilot activities and of the model's implementation are reported to the WP co-coordinator by the city of Tallinn.

Milestone 5 (January - June 2007)

The WP co-coordinator organizes a transnational conference in Warsaw (1/2007) for the partners where the results of the pilot activities and the developed concept and model are presented, gained experience shared and the achieved results disseminated. This serves as a starting event for developing transnational approach for place marketing in the BSR framework. The transnational complementary elements of the city marketing between the metropolises are elaborated by the WP co-coordinator. These aspects are reported and discussed in a workshop in Copenhagen (6/2007).

Milestone 6 (July - December 2007)

The transnational approach for place marketing, framework and concept are created by the WP co-coordinator emphasizing the innovation policy aspects of the metropolitan areas on the international scale. The opportunities and restrictions are analyzed. The results of the pilot activities of this WP and the results of other WPs are utilized in this work. The final report is produced and published by the WP co-coordinator. The publication is released in Vilnius (9/2007). This publication event is targeted for the marketing agencies of the metropolises. In relation to the publication event there is organized a workshop where further joint activities are discussed and analyzed.

Actual implementation of actions is delayed.

Work Package 2