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BaltMet Inno WP 3 "Cluster Development" final event conference

On November 13th BaltMet Inno WP 3 "Cluster Development" conference "Transnational Cluster Alliances - Connecting Neighbours in the Baltic Sea Region" hosted by TSB Innovationsagentur Berlin GmbH in cooperation with WISTA MANAGEMENT GMBH took place in Berlin

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Balt Met Inno seminar in the framework of Open Days in Brussels on 9th October 2007.

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Seminar at Open Days in Brussels on 9 October 2007

In collaboration with the Baltic Sea Group, BaltMet Inno will arrange the seminar "Boosting Innovation through Metropolitan Partnership".

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BaltMet Inno Workshops in St. Petersburg, 13-15 June 2007

From 13 - 15 June, the City of St. Petersburg hosted a number of BaltMet Inno workshops and BaltMet network meetings.

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Community building

Work within this work package was started later than planned before, because of the delay in handling the legal aspects of project implementation. Division of work was planned as follows:

Milestone 1 (Start - June 2005)

The WP co-coordinator is responsible for gathering information about relevant organizations and persons in each metropolis. The database concept is created by the WP co-coordinator for these purposes. This part of the WP draws on other related databases and tools.

Milestone 2 (July - December 2005)

The WP co-coordinator is responsible for delivering the gathered information in an electronic way to other project partners by project web pages and other relevant e-services. Every partner is responsible for modifying and revising the gathered data. The database is published by the WP co-coordinator together with the project co-coordinator on the project's web sites. The database is enlarged and updated by the WP co-coordinator.

Milestone 3 (January - June 2006)

The ongoing projects related to the project's topics are listed and analyzed in terms of co-operation opportunities by the City of Riga. Earlier work performed in the project preparation is to be utilized. A WP meeting is organized by the WP co-coordinator in Riga (2/2006) for all partners to discuss the relevant projects and analyze co-operation opportunities. Based on those results a joint seminar is organized for Baltic Sea Knowledge Region partners and for Baltic Development Forum in Stockholm (6/2006).

Milestone 4 (July - December 2006)

The selected metropolitan areas of the PAXIS thematic networks are analyzed deeper in terms of their innovation strategies and their implementation in relation to the urban policies. A transnational seminar is organized especially for the project leaders and city representatives of the selected PAXIS regions in Helsinki (12/2006) by the WP co-coordinator. The aim of the seminar is to discuss and to analyze the existing strategies, concepts and policy measures of integrating innovation and urban policies in different countries and to enhance networking and personal contacts outside of the BSR. The WP co-coordinator will produces a report of the seminar. Results are utilized in the WPs 1, 5.

Milestone 5 (January - June 2007)

A transnational conference is organized for the selected members of the Eurocity network in Riga (4/2007) by the WP co-coordinator. The main focus of the conference is in the cross sectoral approaches and policy measures at the transnational level in terms of innovation and urban policies. Afterwards the WP co-coordinator reports the results of the seminar.

Actual implementation of the activities is delayed.

Work Package 2