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BaltMet Inno WP 3 "Cluster Development" final event conference

On November 13th BaltMet Inno WP 3 "Cluster Development" conference "Transnational Cluster Alliances - Connecting Neighbours in the Baltic Sea Region" hosted by TSB Innovationsagentur Berlin GmbH in cooperation with WISTA MANAGEMENT GMBH took place in Berlin

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Balt Met Inno seminar in the framework of Open Days in Brussels on 9th October 2007.

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Seminar at Open Days in Brussels on 9 October 2007

In collaboration with the Baltic Sea Group, BaltMet Inno will arrange the seminar "Boosting Innovation through Metropolitan Partnership".

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BaltMet Inno Workshops in St. Petersburg, 13-15 June 2007

From 13 - 15 June, the City of St. Petersburg hosted a number of BaltMet Inno workshops and BaltMet network meetings.

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Milestone 1

Identification of main educational and science institutions (universities, polytechnics, faculties, research institutes) in the BSR metropolitan areas. Every local co-ordinator/city is responsible for gathering these data. The WP co-ordinator collects and summarizes existing educational programmes in supporting knowledge-based innovation and entrepreneurship in the BSR metropolitan areas. This report is published by the WP co-ordinator and disseminated via the metropolises network, project's and partners' websites and seminars. At the kick-off conference of the project related to the WP1 activities the transnational action-learning and reflection groups (ARGs) for the following thematic areas are created: 1) entrepreneurship and education, 2 innovation infrastructure, 3) entrepreneurship finance organisations, 4) promotion of entrepreneurship of minority groups. The WP co-ordinator is responsible for creating these groups, organising a preliminary meeting to settle groups and detailed working plan for the groups and ensuring that there are reasonable regional participation in each group from different metropolises.

Milestone 2

The innovation infrastructures in terms of existing academic insitutions, agencies (e.g. Holding companies) as well as incubators, business labs and science parks are identified and analysed by the local partners. The WP co-ordinator prepares a summarizing report on the innovation infrastructure in the metropolises. Four transnational ARG meetings are organised by the WP co-ordinator (8/2005, 9/2005, 10/2005, 11/2005) and activity reports of the key issues but the thematic ARGs are produced.

Milestone 3

Identification and analysis of public seed funding in the BSR metropolitan areas by local partners. A summarizing and comparative report prepared by the WP co-ordinator. The results of the first ARG meetings are disseminated locally by the local co-ordinating partner and transnationally by the WP co-ordinator. The ARGs identify new ways to promote entrepreneurship and to examine pilot activites at local, regional and transnational level between the metropolises (e.g. transnational business plan competition for science-based research ideas). The ARGs also make preliminary suggestions for training programme for target groups, such as researchers adn scientists, research and development departments in companies and entrepreneurship support organisations. The WP co-ordinator is responsible for reports of ARG meetings. Four transnational ARG meetings are organised by the WP co-ordinator in Malmo, Stockholm, Riga, Copenhagen(1/2007, 3/2007, 4/2007, 6/2007).

Milestone 4

Local and transnational dissemination of results from the second ARG meetings by local partners and by the WP co-ordinator. Third meetings of ARGs are targeted for policy recommendations within the thematic areas. The WP co-ordinator is reponsible for reporting these policy recommentations. The meetings are organised by the WP co-ordinator in St. Petersburg, Oslo, Vilnius, Riga, Stockholm (8/2006, 9/2006, 10/2006, 11/2006). The WP co-ordinator is responsible for the elaboration of training program for target groups and preparation for pilot training. These activities are done in close collaboration with the ARGs.

Milestone 5

The WP co-ordinator prepares a summary of policy recommendations from the all the ARG meetings, publishes the report and disseminates it transnationally. Pilot training program is organised by the WP co-ordinator with one participant per region. Round-up conference organised by the WP co-oordinator in Copenhagen (6/2007). The conference is targeted for all ARG participants.

Work Package 4