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BaltMet Inno WP 3 "Cluster Development" final event conference

On November 13th BaltMet Inno WP 3 "Cluster Development" conference "Transnational Cluster Alliances - Connecting Neighbours in the Baltic Sea Region" hosted by TSB Innovationsagentur Berlin GmbH in cooperation with WISTA MANAGEMENT GMBH took place in Berlin

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Balt Met Inno seminar in the framework of Open Days in Brussels on 9th October 2007.

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Seminar at Open Days in Brussels on 9 October 2007

In collaboration with the Baltic Sea Group, BaltMet Inno will arrange the seminar "Boosting Innovation through Metropolitan Partnership".

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BaltMet Inno Workshops in St. Petersburg, 13-15 June 2007

From 13 - 15 June, the City of St. Petersburg hosted a number of BaltMet Inno workshops and BaltMet network meetings.

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Work within this part of work package is divided into 4 milestones, therefore activities to be carried out are also divided into milestones as follows:

Milestone 3 (January - June 2006)

The main objective of this WP is to create a joint framework for the innovation policies in the BSR. The work of this WP be is based on the work done in other WPs.  In this WP the earlier experiences from transnational co-operation is utilized (e.g. Oresund region, Helsinki-Tallinn Euregio). The WP working group is established and each metropolitan region nominates a member in it. The WP co-ordinator is responsible for organising its meeting to be held in Copenhagen in March 2006. This meeting is preliminary by its nature. The WP co-ordinator prepares a detailed working plan for the meeting and gathers information gained in other WPs and analyses it. By the end of June the WP co-ordinator has created the first draft of the key elements of the innovation policy framework. This draft is delivered to WP working group members.

Milestone 4 (July - December 2006)

The key elements of the innovation policy framework are elaborated in the working group's workshop organised in August in Malmo by the WP co-ordinator with the local partner. After this consultation the WP co-ordinator further develops the framework and delivers it to all the partners. Each city partner is responsible for organising the advisory board's meeting in October in every metropolitan area where the topic is discussed. The local partner is responsible for reporting the results from these local consultations to the WP co-ordinator by the end of November.

Milestone 5 (January - June 2007)

Based on the results of the local consultations the WP co-ordinator deepens the examination of the different elements of the innovation strategy framework espacially related to the urban policies and systems at the transnational level. In this respect the results of the WP2 are utilized. The results of this study is elaborated in the working group's meeting organised in February in Warsaw. After this consultation the revised version is presented to the representatives of relevant cities, regional authorities and national ministries and officials in different countries. Each city partner is responsible for organization of these national seminars in April. Local advisory board's meeting are to be held before the national seminar. Each local lead partner is responsible for reporting the results to the WP co-ordinator.

Milestone 6 (July - December 2007)

The draft of the final report is discussed in the working group in August in Copenhagen. This workshop is organised by the WP co-ordinator. The final version of the study and framework is released in November in Brussels. The conference is organised together with the WP co-ordinators 1 and 5. The report is published in a print version and electronically on the project's web site. This conference is targeted for European cities, regional and national authorities as well as for officers of the relevant DGs of the European Commission.

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